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What's New for 2022!

We saw this meme the other day that stated:

2021 was just 2020 with bangs.

It made us giggle. But for real though... we know this year was just as tough as the year before. Even though our businesses were not closed down and we were not stuck in the house with our husbands, kids, and cats all day every day, it was still a very unsavory year.

We were all still trying to manage the covid world and to make the best of it all.

Over here at Live Salon, we were doing the same. Thank goodness for lovely guests like you who supported us through thick and thin. We had to be resilient and flexible. We had to evolve.

With 2022, we get to take a deep breath and have a fresh start. We are excited to unveil some exciting changes to Live Salon that may help us manage even better.

Our staff has grown quicker than we ever imagined. You have seen our staples here for a while as in Amanda, Jalynn, & Vanessa. This year marks 5 years of Amanda owning Live Salon. Jalynn has been with the company for almost 3 years and has taken on becoming a manager here. She will help assist the stylists in hitting their goals not only set by Live Salon but by themselves to live the life they dream of. She will also be able to be a liaison between guests, stylists, and all management. We are so excited to have Jalynn in this position so she can really showcase her leadership skills. Vanessa has been with us for just about 2 years. She is about to finish her Cosmetology Teaching License credits and has already acquired a new position here as our Education Lead. We strive to always continue our education and to train new and budding artists to have the best communication and business skills, to stay up-to-date on trending technical skills, and be able to provide the best customer service. She is a leader and mentor to us all.

Our staff has grown to include Sabrina, Malaya, & Bianca. Each one of them has exuded drive, passion, and the ability to meet guests' needs. Of course, we cannot forget about our Bella. Bella will soon to be able to take clients as she will be finishing her Cosmetology Program in March. She has been working for Live Salon for over a year, training under each and every one of our staff members. We are so excited to watch her spread her wings.

We are currently hiring. We are looking to add stylists, assistants, and front desk support staff to grow our team. We have a culture that we have carefully designed. We are looking for individuals who fit our values, vision, and mission.

Amanda has decided to take a few hours off from being behind the chair and focus on growing her team, creating better relationships and communication with guests, and Live Salon to continually empower the community.

We are expanding our service and retail menu. We are always trying to offer our guests the best of the best and stay current and ahead-of-the-game on what's trending. We brought back Wella Professional Hair Care retail products. We are expanding our body hair removal services. We are going to provide more luxury brow treatments. We want to advertise and promote our spray tans more. Stay tuned for more information.

2022 will be our best year yet. Sure, we still all may be navigating this crazy world but we can get through it together. Live Salon is a safe place- a no-judgement zone. We can cry or celebrate with you. 2022 will bring ups and downs just like all the years before. But... we have learned a lot, grown even more, and have learned that we cannot do it alone. We got you. We know your got us.


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