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Amanda Bossi remembers her late husband Bradford Tillman

Bradford Tillman
Jason Zollinger

We will forever and always remember Bradford and Jason. We will be eternally grateful for the support and the strength given to Amanda in opening LIVE SALON.


Without Bradford, Amanda's Late Husband,, Live Salon would have not been possible- From calming Amanda's nerves in her sleepless and anxiety filled nights to stripping the horrific wallpaper off the salon walls during the initial remodel, Bradford's support can never be replaced. We will continue to grow and make Bradford proud of his wife. Even with his passing, we know that he will continue to empower each and everyone of us. 

Jason, Brad's Long Time & Beloved Friend, stood by Amanda's side when Brad became ill and in his passing. He could always be counted on for support.


Again, we are forever grateful and we are blessed to of had these men a part of our lives and a part of the rising of Live Salon.

Their memory lives on.

Amanda Bossi Owner remembers a good friend and supporter Jason Zollinger
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