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Jackie, a cherished part-time member of the Live Salon team, brings a wealth of loyalty and belief in our salon's culture, cultivated through years of being a client. Despite her limited weekly hours, Jackie's commitment to our values shines through as she embodies and fosters our salon's ethos among the team.


As a mother of four grown children, one already employed here, Jackie's nurturing spirit and knack for goal-setting ensure she supports our artists to exceed expectations, drawing from her rich background in administration and retail.

Her warm and welcoming demeanor, coupled with her social adeptness, make Jackie an invaluable presence in our salon. Though she's yet to venture into the beauty industry herself, her passion for our mission drives her dedication to nurturing Live Salon's growth and success. With her friendly and quirky nature aligning perfectly with our culture, we're thrilled to have Jackie as a vital member of our team, ready to empower others and live by our shared mantra.

Jackie Acito

Salon Coordinator.

Jackie Acito Live Salon Salon Boutique Greensburg
Jackie Acito Live Greensburg

Jackie's vibrant personality and free-spirited nature seamlessly integrate with our team, fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. Her genuine enthusiasm for our salon's mission and values is evident in every interaction, making her an indispensable asset to our community. We're grateful for Jackie's presence and unwavering commitment to Live Salon, as she continues to inspire us all to reach new heights together.

Jackie is an integral part of Live Salon because she embodies our values and culture with unwavering dedication. As a longstanding client turned team member, her loyalty and belief in our mission are unparalleled. Jackie's nurturing spirit, social prowess, and professional background contribute to the growth and success of our salon, while her genuine warmth and welcoming nature create a sense of belonging for both clients and colleagues alike. She not only supports our team in achieving their goals but also uplifts and empowers us to live by our mantra every day. In essence, Jackie is a cornerstone of Live Salon, helping to shape and enrich our community with her invaluable presence and contributions.

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