When reserving time for your appointment, our staff commits to meet with you at a scheduled time, and eagerly anticipates your appointment. Other clients often want to schedule an appointment for a time that has already been booked, and we are unable to accommodate them because of our prior commitment to you. Your appointment is scheduled with accuracy and is reserved especially for you.

A Credit Card is Required for booking All Services. We have the right to charge that card 30% of the Full Price Service(s). It will not be transferable or refundable. 

If you need to cancel, reschedule or change full services within a scheduled appointment, we respectfully request you notify us no later than 2 days (48 hours) before your appointment time. We understand that schedules change, but to make sure we have appointments available for other guests we try enforce this policy. All we ask is that you be respectful of our livelihood and of other clients' needs. We understand that medical emergencies do and life does happen and we show sensitivity in such situations. If it reoccurring , we do reserve the right to ask for full payment ahead of scheduled appointment. We also reserve the right to refuse service. No Shows are subject to immediate right to refuse service to our discretion.

For us to accommodate you and other patrons on time, we respectfully ask that you be on time for your appointment. If you are running a few minutes behind, please contact us and we can hold your appointment for up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and enforce our Cancellation Policy. If we are able to accommodate the lateness, we reserve the right to start other clients who are on time for their appointment. Again, we understand that medical emergencies do happen and we do show sensitivity in such situations.


LIVE SALON does not offer monetary refunds on services rendered. We do have a 7-day policy in place on services in which a client can come back and have corrections made or receive salon credit on technical errors. 


Product refunds will only be given for defective or damaged products. Used products are non-refundable and will only be taken back for salon credit or exchange pending management approval.

No double discounts will be accepted. Higher discount will be granted. Coupons must be present at time of service to grant discount. Other discounts will be at stylists' discretion. 

Pricing at LIVE SALON  is based on stylist level system the average amount it takes to perform the desired service, products used to complete the service and the level of skill required to perform the service. Prices listed may be increased based on length, density, preparation work performed by our staff, and if additional time or product are needed to perform the service. Prices are subject to change without notice. If you have specific questions on pricing, please inquire prior to being serviced. For color services, we are able to give close estimates only, not definite prices before the service is completed.

  • Anything over 35 days  from your last appointment or less than 25% of lashes remaining will be considered a Full Set.

  • We ask that you do not come to your eyelash appointment with eye makeup on. Removing your eye makeup will cut into your appointment time. We have the right to charge extra for cleansing.

  • Please give us 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

  • Gift certificates and discounts may be voided if a 24 hours cancellation notice is not given.

  • There are no refunds on any services, packages, or gift certificates.

  • Please read the bottom of this page if you have concerns about the retention of your extensions.

When a client comes from another studio, our Lash Artists usually have some obstacles to overcome. Different lashes, technique, glue, and a chance of getting work that may not be as clean as we prefer. We do the best we can with what we have in front of us and try to never have to turn anyone away. Because of that we charge a little extra the first fill if coming from another salon. 


But for the clients safety we will not work over-top of

  • cluster lashes

  • very messy or clumpy work from any previous Eyelash Technician

  • damaged lashes


If you go to any place before us or in between your appointments with us, we have no problem preforming your touch ups as long as your lashes are not damaged and your extensions are cleanly put on but the additional fee still applies.


If by chance your lashes are not lash-able because of the above reasons we will offer to remove them for you for the price of our removal. We can start a fresh full set if your lashes are not damaged and we have the time. in our schedule. If a new set is not possible you can either leave the lashes you have on or remove them and schedule a full set for the future.


When bringing in inspiration photos, please be advised that your hair may not turn out exactly.  Please choose photos that match your own hair type, texture, and your lifestyle. Our stylists will have a proper consultation to discuss desired look and what it will take to achieve similar results. Please take this time to look at our Honesty Before Service Policy. 

LIVE SALON loves to show off our work. We take before and after photos. Not normally do we include face but you as a client have the right to refuse photos being taken, even though we would be sad. If you love our work, share the photos and tell us that we can tag you in them on social media. 

LIVE SALON owns all the rights to photos being taken. 


Certain services appointments will require a waiver to be signed by the client. This ensures the upmost safety of the stylist, client and of LIVE SALON.

We will discuss all of what you should know prior to service, conduct a proper consultation, ensures Honesty Before Service, give an estimate on pricing, and discuss proper after care to insure the longevity of results. 

Signing these waivers, the client seals their understanding of all of what is discussed and LIVE SALON is not liable for any unwanted results, reactions, or pricing discrepencies. 

Any additional questions can be asked to your stylist or owner/manager of salon. 


With waivers, LIVE SALON still enforces the Refund Policy, The Honesty Before Service Policy, and specific service policy.

Services that Require Waiver

  • Extensions

  • Lashes

  • Corrective Color

  • Chemical Treatments (Stylist Discretion)

  • Services on Clients under 16 (Stylist Discretion)

  • Tanning (Stylist Discretion)

  • Waxing (Stylist Discretion)

  • Brow Tinting


Our waiting area is located on salon floor. Please be courteous of other guests in salon as you wait. If bringing guests or entire family to service appointment, please be advised that we reserve the right to ask guests or families to wait outside the salon or that they come back and return after appointment is finished. 

We ask that all children be monitored and supervised at all times. Any of LIVE SALON'S artists have the right to refuse service, reprimand children, and charge for any damage. LIVE SALON has curling irons always on, hair on floor, and several open rooms, children could be a danger if not properly watched by parents or guardian. LIVE SALON will not be liable for any injuries if policy is not abided by.


Outside food & drink are permitted. LIVE SALON provides coffee, water, and light snacks as a courtesy. Please be courteous back and place all garbage in proper cans. 


Payments accepted are:

  • Cash

  • check

  • All Major Credit Cards

We Do allow credit cards to be kept on file for touchless & Easy Payment. Ask your stylist for more information. We do not store all the information and do not sell any form of your identity or information. 

Gratuities Are Accepted via Cash or personal Checks directly to stylist. all Stylists also use Venmo. Gratuities may not be added to credit cards. 


After Care is of upmost importance to us and it should be to you too! We want to be sure that the services rendered at live salon last for the amount of time to be expected. This means, you have to help us out a little to make sure that you look and feel your best even after leaving us and for weeks to come, 

Please head on over to our after care page for all the information you need! Click here!


LIVE SALON prides itself in the quality of their work. However, we only work as well as what we are handed and the honesty of guests. Your LIVE SALON artist will always do a proper consultation but sometimes we forget to ask important questions especially when you are a repeat guests. We ask that you keep a few things in mind and realize some factors will affect the outcome of your service and that it is important to inform and be honest with your stylist.

  • We kindly ask that you advise us of any illness, injury or changes to your health status prior to any services to be conducted. 

  • Please advise us if you have any allergies and/or sensitivities of any kind.

  • Be honest with your stylist about previous chemical services of any kind. If you had highlights 2 years ago and your hair is down to your waist that chemical still exists and we need to know. 

  • If you color your hair at home, we need to know. We promise not to scold, however at-home color can sometimes cause unwanted results and we need to be prepared. Let us know what brand you use as well as some are more dangerous than others.

  • Medications can affect hair color, chemical, and waxing services. Please forewarn your artist prior to service so we can take necessary precautions.

  • Talk to us about your everyday and your lifestyle. We want to always give you results that you will be able to maintain at home easily on your own. 

  • Please tell us if you have undergone any surgeries within the last 2 years. 

  • Do not be embarrassed to share any details of your health, body, or personal life. We have seen and heard it all. 

  • If you do not fully comprehend the consultation or price quote, speak up. We will be more than glad to go over it again.

  • If you are not happy with your results please give us time to rectify the situation.

  • Never feel like you will annoy us. Ask the question, state your concern, and never hesitate.

  • Do NOT lie. Lying does not help you, the artist, or the result of service. 

At LIVE SALON, we pride ourselves in the relationships we have with our clients and the quality of our work. We will always under promise and try to over deliver but it is always a team effort between the artist and the guest. Proper communication is always key.