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The Level System

Novel Artist (1 & 2)

Artist (1 & 2)

Designer Artist (1 & 2)

Artistic Designer (1 & 2)

Lead Artist (1 & 2)

Master Artist

Lead Master Artist (1 & 2)

Principle Artist

Live Salon runs on a level system of stylists. It is based on something other than skill or time spent in the industry but more on the stylists' time demand. Guests may choose whatever stylist best fits their needs & budget. 

REMEMBER! We work as a team; you may book services with as many stylists as possible. 

What does this mean for you?
With a tiered pricing structure, all clients can have services rendered at Live Salon, no matter their financial status. However, as each of us here specializes a little more in certain areas, one stylist may fit the needs of your color and another, your lashes.

How does this help the stylists at Live Salon?
We are in the business of empowerment. Our stylists have personal goals and salon standards that need to be met. They track these goals, and we review the stylists every month. Our stylists then strive for more and continue to grow for themselves, the Salon, & their guests. As these goals are met, advancements, promotions, and price increases follow. 

Live Salon values unity. When you reserve your appointment with a specific stylist, know that they will perform the core of the services but will have teammates assist in the services rendered to improve customer service. 

We are also a teaching and training salon and value that stylists can learn from some of the best. In addition, we have amazing artists and guests who will grant these new beauty industry professionals the confidence needed to deliver impeccable work and service. 

We are a family here. The conversations flow through the Salon with every guest and every artist, lending a helping hand, making suggestions and recommendations for all, and serving our guests better by having unity.

It helps us and our guests emulate our culture, motto, and belief to live beautifully, confidently, and empower.



Amanda Bossi

Amanda Bossi

Owner & Founder |

Lead Master Stylist | Couture Colorist | Extensionist | Life Coach | Empowering You Consulting

Salon Industry Business

Coach & Consultant

Amanda has been active in the cosmetology field for 16 years and has constantly pushed herself to grow as a stylist and person. As a published hairstylist, makeup artist, and model, she is always up on the newest trends. As a result, she was nominated for Most Individual Style in the Pittsburgh Style Awards. 

Not only does she excel in her field, but she has a deep desire to provide more to her guests and community. She wishes to make the slightest difference by living by and carrying through LIVE SALON's mantra. An international brand has featured her for her #girlboss determination & philanthropic beliefs. Amanda can accommodate guests and make them feel comfortable, cherished, and empowered. She shows authentic leadership and mentors her team, guests, and others who surround her to reach for all of their goals.

Amanda is down-to-earth, tell-it-how-it-is, & an open book. Her personality would make anyone comfortable. She has had a mission to better herself and help others find themselves and what gives them passion and fire. She is an avid self-help reader and writes about her challenges. She is the quintessential girl boss and warrior. 

She has recently revamped her own personal website and blog. She is thrilled to be writing again. It is something that has always brought her immense joy. To be able to share her experiences and advice to allow people to feel not-so-alone is of utmost importance. Amanda has had a few dodgeballs thrown in her face as a thirty-something. Yet, she has shown resiliency and has learned a lot along the way in her life's journey. 

Amanda's sole purpose is to grow people to help them find what sets their souls on fire and to help be able to provide the tools to learn the act of self-confidence, drive, success, and happiness. She does this with her two children and her team and guests. Her dream is to leave a legacy and to be able to touch and leave a mark on as many people as she can. 

She is embarking on her next adventure. She is currently training to be a salon industry business coach, consultant, and life coach. But, again, her sole purpose and passion are to grow people. It started with creating external beauty for her guests, evolved into promoting inner self-confidence and self-love for her guests and staff, and now has expanded her aspirations to help other beauty professionals strengthen their businesses, leadership, and empowering mindset.



Jalynn Knopsnider

Salon Manager | Lead Artist |

Couture Colorist |

Extensionist | Waxer

Jalynn has done hair and makeup for fun for as long as she can remember. She always wanted to be just like her mom, a stylist. When she was a little girl, she watched her mom work in the salon and instantly knew that working in the beauty industry was her calling. Seeing people smile when they leave her chair, knowing they feel good about themselves, is Jalynn's passion. Her goal is to be the best she can be and never stop learning or striving for success. 

What truly makes her unique is that she genuinely loves making people who have been through some rough patches feel beautiful and "worth it" again. It is not about money for her. It is that sort of gratification that makes her happy. Jalynn attended Bella Capelli, where she received Future Professional of the Month voted by the Staff Members. Jalynn is a fantastic team member of LIVE SALON.

Jalynn is our hustler. Similar to Amanda, Jalynn's personality fits the mold of the salon. She's one tough cookie. She's honest, outgoing, and empowering, exceeding all expectations. So much so that Jalynn is now Live Salon's manager. She offers the team a new perspective. She will be helping support the staff to hit their dream goals, ensure impeccable customer service and relations, and help promote Live Salon's unique vision and mission.

Jalynn has also just recently become a mom. We know that she will be excellent at this new role as well! She, too, will be able to leave a legacy of drive, passion, determination, & resiliency. 



Vanessa Bortz

Education Lead | Artistic Designer | Couture Colorist | Extensionist |

Lash, Brow, Makeup Artist, | Waxer 

Since Vanessa was a young child, she wanted to be a hairstylist. One of her fondest memories was helping her grandmother with her roller sets. She has been active in the cosmetology field for 15 years. She pushes herself to learn more about innovative techniques and new products as they will help meet her client's needs. She has advanced knowledge in color, cutting & texturizing techniques, and product use.

Vanessa has two children, and one bonus daughter,  who are her biggest motivators and what makes her continually strive for more. She & her family participate in Relay for Life every year, which fits right in with Live Salon's desire to touch more than just hair (or lashes) but the entire community. She is passionate in all aspects of her life. 

She embarked on a new chapter in her career and life, returning to school for her Cosmetology Teaching License. She has officially obtained that license from the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology. She also has started her training to become a Wella Color Expert. Combining that with her nurturing personality, she was the perfect candidate for our leadership position of Education Lead. She helps our new stylists and supports all staff in continuing their education. 

We love Vanessa's skills and the experience she brings. It is her time to shine, and we hope Live Salon & the clients she has can help her finally reach her dreams. 



Bianca Fisher

Lead Arist  |  Colorist | Extensionist | Lash & Brow Artist

Bianca has quickly become a valuable asset to the Live Salon team. We are all beyond excited about what comes of her career. Bianca's personality fits right into the culture we share. She is personable and quickly makes her guests feel right at home with her. 

Bianca started this venture in the cosmetology field a smidge later than most, but that has yet to hinder her. On the contrary, she is more driven than ever to prove to herself and the world around her that she, too, can make it. Naturally, we value such drive and perseverance. 

She is never afraid to try new things. Since arriving at Live Salon, she has gained many new skill sets that only help her deliver exceptional customer service. In addition, she is knowledgeable in our retail and can easily guide her guests using products that best fit their needs.

Bianca is a mom of two lovely children, and she must show that it takes grit, risk, and resiliency to have a sense of self and to make your dreams come true. 

She is a Bella Capelli Beauty Academy graduate, ready to set forth on the path to living beautifully, confidently, and empowering herself and others. We are thrilled to have her as a part of the team and to be able to watch her grow before our very eyes. 



Bella Acito

Social Media Content Creator | Novel Stylist Level 2 | Colorist |

Lash, Brow, Makeup Artist |  Waxer

Bella may be a young team member, but she is a huge asset! She will always greet you with a smile as you walk into our salon. She has such a pleasant and welcoming personality. Her talent goes well above her age. 

Bella is a Latrobe Area High School senior and local vocational school graduate. We long awaited her graduation. Bella and her family were long-time clients of Amanda, and we were so excited to have her as a part of our team as a stylist. We will be thrilled to watch her grow into a young woman and artist.

Bella is always striving for more knowledge in this industry. She pushes herself outside of her comfort zone. Her drive is something to be envious of; we should all aspire to have that kind of dedication.

It has given us such pleasure helping her through cosmetology school. She has grown so much before our very eyes. Thank you to our valued guests for making her feel welcomed and supported by allowing her to assist in their appointments. We are thrilled to see what is in store for her next.

Ps. Bella loves cats too.


Sahara Spain

Novel Stylist Level 2 |  Colorist | Natural Hair Specialist |

Lash & Brow Artist 

Sahara is new to the Live Salon team, but she has quickly impressed us. She styles clients' hair so beautifully it leaves our mouths hanging open in amazement. 

Sahara always knew she had an interest in the beauty industry. She loves creating transformations for her guests and relishes the gratification she gets from their reactions. She strives to exceed their expectations and delivers fantastic customer service. 

Sahara specializes in natural hair. However, she has broadened her skill sets in lashes, brows, and more. She is eager to learn all she can and is beyond grateful for the opportunity at Live Salon alongside other talented artists.

Sahara is a mom of a beautiful two-year-old son. He drives her success so that they can live their dream life. She wants to provide for him financially and show him what hard work and determination can do.

We are thrilled to have Sahara in our family and are excited to see what she can do.



Sarah Baney

 Novel Stylist | Colorist |

Lash, Brow, Makeup Artist

Sarah's personality fits perfectly within Live Salon. She is driven and fun. She has learned so much already as a new member of the team. 

Currently, Sarah is assisting the lead stylists and taking her own clients. Her talents are exceptional, but she is continuing to learn. Her teammates are always quick to give her advice or a confidence boost.

She is also training to be another lash artist here. It is truly amazing to watch her grow in the industry. 

Sarah is one of the most caring individuals we know. Not only does she take care of her teammates, but she also takes immense care of her guests. 



Jackie Acito

Front Desk Lead &

Guest Coordinator

Jackie is a new member of the Live Salon team but not new to the Live Salon community. Jackie has been a client of Amanda's for years and has been loyal to the salon from the beginning. She is a total believer in what Live Salon's culture stands for. 

Jackie is a mother of 4 grown children- one already employed by Live Salon. Jackie molded and shaped her children into good people, and we are excited to see how she can support the fantastic team of artists hit their goals, stay on track, and supersede their own expectations. 

She thrives in social atmospheres and loves lending a helping hand. She is welcoming and can make you feel right at home. Her work history includes administration and retail. We know that with that experience, she will be an asset to us. She has always loved the beauty industry but never ventured to do it alone. Helping support and grow Live Salon is the next best thing!

Jackie is friendly, outgoing, and quirky, like the rest of us. Her free-spirited nature fits our culture so well, as her values match all of ours. She is ready to empower others by being a part of the Live Salon and living by their mantra. 

We are so glad to have her here working alongside us. 


Whitney White

On Call Makeup Artist & Assistant

Front Desk & Guest Coordinator

Whitney has been a long-time client and friend of Amanda's. In Live Salon's infant stage, Whitney would come to Amanda's rescue and help out when she was alone. Whitney is Amanda's "OG" assistant. She is the one that forced her hand into giving up some control and helped her manage her own business behind the chair.

With Whitney's administration background and her previous knowledge of how Amanda and Live Salon runs, Whitney will be a tremendous asset.

Whitney is one strong woman with one of the kindest hearts. She is wildly attentive and can amplify the customer service experience. She will be able to bring such value to your visit here with Live Salon.

We are thrilled to have Whitney supporting Live Salon.

Currently, Whitney is only working for Live Salon as needed. 

Lauren Connors

Lumos Nail Artist

We are blessed to be able to cross promote with this talented nail artist. She may only do finger nails but she is immensely talented. 


Future Team Member

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Credit Card Required for ALL Services. 50% of Full Price Service will be charged if not cancelled/ rescheduled within 48 hours. No-Show appointments will be charged 100% of service booked.

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