Amanda Bossi

Owner | Master Stylist | Couture Colorist | Extensionist

Specialties: Blondes, Color Corrections, Haircuts, Updos, & Extensions

Amanda has been active in the cosmetology field for 15 years and has constantly pushed herself to grow not only as a stylist but as a person. As a published hairstylist, makeup artist, and model she is always up on the newest trends. She was nominated for Most Individual Style in the Pittsburgh Style Awards. Not only does she excel in her field, but she has a deep desire to provide more to her guests and community. She wishes to even make the smallest difference by living by and carrying through LIVE SALON's mantra. She has been featured  by an international brand for her #girlboss determination & philanthropic beliefs. Amanda will also being doing hair and makeup and staring in the upcoming film 116 MacDougal. Amanda is able to accommodate any guest and make them feel comfortable, cherished, and empowered. 

Amanda is down-to-earth, tell-it-how-it-is, & an open book. Her personality would make anyone comfortable. She has had a mission to better herself and help others find themselves and what gives them passion and fire. She is an avid self-help reader and writes about her own challenges. She is the quintessential girl boss and warrior. 


Vanessa Bortz

Stylist | Colorist | Brow Artist | Education lead

Specialties: Razor Cuts, Updos, Color Corrections, Clipper Cuts

Ever since Vanessa was a young child, she wanted to be a hairstylist. One of her fondest memories was helping her grandmother with her roller sets. She has been active in the cosmetology field for 15 years. She pushes herself to learn more about innovative techniques and new products as that will help meet her clients' needs. She has advanced knowledge in color, cutting & texturizing techniques, and product use.

Vanessa has 2 children who are her biggest motivators and what makes her continually strive for more. Her & her family participate in Relay for Life every year. She is passionate in all aspects of her life. 

Vanessa may be a newer member of our team but do not be fooled by her title here. We are excited to have her and the skills and experience she brings. It is her time to shine and we hope Live Salon & the clients she has can help her finally reach her dreams. 


Hope Hudson

Novel Artist | Makeup Artist | Lash & Brow Artist | Spray Tan Technician | Body Waxer

Specialties: Lashes, Brows, and Makeup

Hope has known cosmetology was her calling since she was a little girl growing up in her mom's salon. Hope is our resident lash and brow specialist. She also is our body waxer and spray tan artist. When her clients are pleased and feel beautiful it gives her great pride and make Hope so proud of her work.

Hope is confident, personable, and incredibly driven. She fits right in with our vibe here at Live Salon. 

We are excited to announce that with Hope joining our team, we will soon be adding services on such as body and facial sugaring, threading, and more. 

Ami Bossi

Full Time Support Lead | Guest Coordinator

Specialties: Keeping Stylists on Track for Success, Making Guests Aware of What We Offer, Excellent Customer Service

Yes. You may have guessed it. Ami is the youngest sister of Owner & Master Stylist, Amanda Bossi. Ami has recently moved back to our lovely town of Greensburg and is fortunate enough to have a sister to offer her a career path. 

Ami is highly qualified to act as the support staff here at LIVE SALON. Not only has she been subjected to this industry by her sister but she has also attended beauty school for nails and esthetics. She also was a front desk coordinator and receptionist for The Salon by InStyle in JC Penney. 

Ami is driven to not just be "Amanda's sister" but to be an asset to our team and guests. Let us welcome her. We are excited to see what a full time support lead can do for not only us but for you as we strive for impeccable customer service and relations. 

Meghan Dedo

Part time Guest Coordinator | Assistant

Specialties: Making Our Guests Feel Welcomed, Providing Excellent Customer Service & Making Us Laugh

You may be greeted by her as you walk into our salon or she just may make you laugh.

Meghan is a Junior at Hempfield Area High School and a student of cosmetology at her local technical school. She has always been interested in a career path in the beauty industry and is on her way to build her own successful career in it.

Meghan and her family have been long time clients of Amanda and we are so excited to have her apart of our team. We will be thrilled to watch her grow into a young woman and artist. She is immensely entertaining and extremely talented. 


Future Team Member

This Could Be YOU!

We are currently hiring awesome additions to our team. 

Do you know someone that would be or are you a good fit for LIVE SALON?

For More Information:

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Jalynn Knopsnider

Artistic Designer | Colorist | Lash & Brow Technician | Extensionist | Manager In Training

Specialties: Blondes, Color Corrections, Lash & Brow Services

Jalynn has done hair and makeup for fun for as long as she can remember. She always wanted to be just like her mom who was also a stylist. When she was a little girl, she watched her mom work in the salon and knew immediately that working in the beauty industry was her calling. Seeing people smile when they leave her chair, knowing that they feel good about themselves is Jalynn's passion. Her goal is to be the best she can be and never stop learning nor striving for success. What truly makes her unique is that she truly loves making people who have been through some rough patches feel beautiful and "worth it" again. It is not about money for her, it is about that sort of gratification that makes her happy. Jalynn attended Bella Capelli in which she received Future Professional of the Month voted by the Staff Members. Jalynn is an amazing team member of LIVE SALON.

Jalynn is our hustler. Similar to Amanda, Jalynn's personality fits the mold of the salon. She's one tough cookie. She's honest, outgoing, and empowering. She has exceeded all expectations. 

Sabrina Maggio

Novel Stylist | Colorist | Assistant 

Specialties: Announced Soon

More Info to Come

Sabrina will be joing the team end of July and will start taking family, friends, & referrals starting in August.

Lauren Connors

Lumos Nail Artist 

Specialties: Unique Nails, Creative Nail Art, Hard Gel

Lauren has been a long time friend and client of Amanda's. Lauren's calling may have come a little later in life but she has followed her dreams and has hit the ground running. 

She is wildly creative, innovative, safe, and clean. Do not expect boring, everyday nails from her. Let your imagination run free with your finger nails. She will never disappoint. 

We are beyond excited to have partnered with her. To book with her, click on the link below:


Bella Acito

Part time Guest Coordinator | Assistant

Specialties: Making Our Guests Feel Welcomed, Providing Excellent Customer Service & Lending a Helping Hand

Bella may be a young member on the team but she is a huge asset! You may be greeted by her as you walk into our salon.

Bella is a Junior at Latrobe Area High School and a student of cosmetology at her local technical school. She has always been a lover of the beauty industry. In fact, she has the opportunity to always play with her sister or mom's hair or makeup.

Bella and her family have been long time clients of Amanda and we are so excited to have her apart of our team. We will be thrilled to watch her grow into a young woman and artist.

The Level System

Novel Stylist/ Artist 

Stylist/ Artist

Designer Stylist/ Artist

Artistic Designer

Lead Stylist/ Artist

Master Stylist/ Artist

Live Salon runs on a level system of stylists. It is not necessarily based off skill or time spent in industry but more so the stylists' demand of time. Guests may choose whatever stylist best fits there needs & budget. 

REMEMBER! We work as a team and you may book services with as many stylists as you would like. 

What does this mean for you?

With a tiered pricing structure, all clients can have services rendered at Live Salon no matter their financial status. As each one of us here specialize a little more in certain areas, one stylist may fit the needs of your color and another, your lashes.


How does this help the stylists at Live Salon?

We are in the business of empowerment. Our stylists have their own personal goals and salon standards needing to be met. They track these goals and we review the stylists every month. This allows our stylists to always strive for more and continue to grow for themselves, the salon, & their guests. As these goals are met, advancements, promotions, and price increases follow.  

Credit Card Required Above $50 for booking. $25 Cancellation|No Show Fee

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