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Do not panic if some extensions begin to fall off, for it is natural for the average person to shed 3-4 lashes daily. Our touch-up sessions are necessary to help you maintain your beautiful look. Suggested maintenance for eyelash extensions is every 2-4 weeks. Our experts will also educate you on the "do's and don'ts" for eyelash care at the end of your session. Important ones to remember include:


  • Avoiding moisture and steam for 24 hrs.

  • Brushing/combing your lashes gently from the middle and going upwards after showering.

  • Avoiding any oily products applied to your lashes. Use oil free eye makeup remover and wash eyelashes with a lint free wand. By not properly washing your lashes, natural oils and sweat build up and may cause our synthetic lashes to fall off.

  • Do not rub your eyes/lashes.

  • Do not pull at your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to fall off prematurely).

  • Use only water-based mascara. Do not use waterproof mascara.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler

  • Always use eye makeup remover, cleansers, and facial products free of oil, Parabens, polyethylene glycols (PEG), and Glycols. Be careful with shampoos and conditioner that include oils.

  • Avoid using oil-based creams and make up that will cause lashes fall off prematurely.

  • Wear eye protection in tanning beds. Sweat, extreme heat, and steam can break down the adhesive and causing lashes to fall off.

  • Always use a good sealant to prevent everyday oils, pollutants, and dirt from damaging your lashes.

  • Touch Ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks (Use a good Eyelash Extension Sealant at least 2-3 times a week. This protects your lashes from moisture, oil, and dust and will increase the bonding strength).

  • Always ask questions regarding the proper care for your eyelashes.

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Please come to every appointment with relatively clean hair to ensure our products work to the best of their abilities. Before service, please tell us if you have well water, a water softening system, or swim often. Also, follow our Honesty Before Service Policy. After service, we can only guarantee the longevity of results if you correctly follow advised aftercare. Professional products are a must. We do not tell you this to make money off retail. Color Safe, Sulfate Free, and products free of all other nasties are necessary to protect the color, ensure the integrity of your hair, and guarantee that the money you invested into your hair has a high return. 

Blondes are our specialty, and often, we get complaints that blonde goes brassy. As with any color, coming to the salon regularly is vital. If you wait six months before returning, the color we did is long gone. Blondes, your stylist, will advise you on tips and tricks to keep your blonde looking bright and fresh—violet-based shampoos and conditioners such as AG Sterling Silver. Glosses may also be done before coming back for full service. 

Fashion Colors must be cared for immensely. Rinse with cold water, and only wash if need to; dry shampoo will become your best friend, and at-home upkeep is critical. Ask your artist about an at-home color depositing conditioner we can hand-make you or one you can purchase.

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Before doing extensions, please book a consultation appointment so we can best fit you to a specific extension that will coincide with your lifestyle. The most popular with our guests are clip-in, halo or invisible-band, tape-in, or microbead. Here, we will also help color match so you can purchase the correct extension to fit you best. Make sure it is 100% human hair! Synthetics or mix cannot be curled, straightened, or colored. Coloring human hair extensions can only be performed if going darker or changing tone. Fashion colors can also be added to blonde extensions. Depending on the type of extensions we are doing will depend on the aftercare.

Clip-in and halo-style extensions are to be taken off your head every day. Overwear will result in the weakening of your hair and could result in hair loss. Washing these types of extensions should only be done when needed; use baby shampoo and a light conditioner, and only leave them laid out to dry. Do not brush them wet. Avoid using silicone-based styling products on them as well. 

Tape-in and microbead extensions are more permanent extensions lasting up to 3 months. They must be removed or moved up over time. 

Please listen to what your artist suggests. When washing, do not scrub the scalp where extensions are adhered. Do not apply conditioner to those areas either. Watch brushing. Do not brush from the scalp. Do not use any hair products that contain oil or silicone near the base of the extension. If you do not need to wash them, don't. Dry Shampoo will become a friend. Overwear may result in hair loss. Give your hair a break from time to time. 

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Avoid getting them wet for 24 hrs. Avoid cleansers, oils, and mascaras for the first 48 Hours. Be Gentle on your eyes and lashes during your regular daily routine. For any irritation, you should contact your doctor. 

To ensure your brows stay in place, do not get them wet for at least 48 hours after your service. Water can risk the deactivation of the solutions we use. We also recommend avoiding any perspiration. The only tool you’ll need to style them is a spoolie, which one of our stylists will provide.

Henna Brows are simple to care for! For the first 24 hours, please try not to get them wet. This gives the henna time to set fully. Also, avoid scrubbing or rubbing the area with exfoliants or harsh soaps. It provides your new brows the best chance to last! We also recommend using oil-free products to remove makeup around the eyes and brow area.

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We will wash your hair several times before treatment with a clarifying shampoo, so do not worry about coming clean. We have several keratin treatments and will choose the best one for your hair type. Follow the artist's direction on when to use the first shampoo following the service, as each treatment differs.


The only shampoo & conditioner that you use must be 100% sulfate free. Sulfates will strip your hair of the keratin treatment. Please use professional products advised by your stylist. We only want to ensure the longevity and integrity of your hair. Again, we want to ensure the return on your investment in your hair is the best. 

Please tell your colorist when you have a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment.  

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