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Tips For Long Lasting Spray Tans

Spray Tans are a great way to get a sun kissed glow all year round. They will refresh your body with that gorgeous, golden glow that speaks of poolside coladas and lazy days at the beach with your best friends. But skip the long hours in the sun and say goodbye to those damaging UV rays by getting a spray tan. Not only that... we live in southwestern Pennsylvania. We hardly see sun anyhow.

In just one visit, you can walk away with perfectly blended (and perfectly bronzed) color that highlights all of your natural contours and beauty.


But how can we keep the tan looking beautiful and lasting longer? Men and women admit that getting a spray tan boosts their confidence and makes them feel more attractive overall. Anything that promotes a better self-image is worth it, because self-confidence can change your life, and the way that others see and treat you. AND WE LOVE THAT! AND OFCOURSE WE WANT MORE OF IT!

We have put together a few tips and tricks to help you maintain that sun kissed glow.


Prepping your skin is of upmost importance before your spray tan appointment. Exfoliate and shave day of your appointment so your tan has fresh, new skin to adhere to. Come to your appointment free of makeup, lotion, and deodorant. Anything on your skin will create a barrier between your skin and tan which may cause unevenness. We also suggest wearing loose clothing to your appointment to prevent clothes from rubbing off your tan as it is processing.


You are free to shower after the processing time is finished with your spray tan. However, we highly suggest to only wash the "hot spots". We are assuming you know what we mean but for those who don't... we mean you pits, ass, and cracks. Skip the loofah all over your body. A loofah will exfoliate off your spray tan. Use a mild soap instead of harsh cleansers.


Spray tans thrive on moisture and hydration. Dry skin tends to flake and with every flake, a little bit of your tan says buh-bye. Lotion in the morning, before bed, and after every shower. You may also use a gradual tan lotion or tan extender that will add a subtle glow and light tan color.


Shaving every day will shave off your tan. If you must shave often, we suggest using a very light hand and do not press down on to your skin.


Do you remember using baby oil to remove temporary tattoos? Think of that before using body oils on your tan. In fact, we usually suggest using these when you want to remove old spray tan. Refrain from using heavy oils or any at all during the week your tan should last.


If you wish to keep your sun kissed glow sans sun, you should schedule every 7-10 days. It will keep the tan looking natural and undetectable. Maybe you were born with it. May it is a spray tan. The world does not need to know... unless you want to refer your friends!


If you are interested in receiving a spray tan you don’t know where to start, ask your LIVE SALON artist for more information and to answer any additional questions you may have! They are always happy to make a recommendation that will help you achieve a stunning tan that compliments your already stunning features!


We have 2 spray tan options:

* Venetian- a cool-brown, purple base

Process time: 3-24 hours depending on desired level of color

*Cosmo- a warm-brown, purple base

Process time: 8-24 hours

We also have amazing upgrades to up-level your experience.

*DHA Booster

Darken your tan 1-2 levels.

*Scent Booster

Smell pretty as your tan processes instead of smelling like spray tan.

*Shimmer Additive

Have a day's worth of shimmering glow in your choice of golden or opalescent.

*Skin Enhancing Additives

Add moisture, eliminate the appearance of flaws, reduce inflammation, and prolong your tan

Drying powder is always complimentary! Forget the days of sticky processing times.


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