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So it has been 3 years since LIVE SALON was born. How did LIVE SALON come about? How did it get its name? How and why has LIVE SALON become successful in only 3 short years? We can tell you.

Live Salon was created with very little preparation. Amanda's late husband looked at her one day as she was sitting there dwelling on what to do next after abruptly leaving a partnership and said, "Open your own, Mandi B." Um, ok. How was she to do that? There wasn't money saved and she needed something right then as she had clients depending on her.

Well in very Amanda-fashion, LIVE SALON'S door opened just 3 short months later after several maxed out credit cards and several tears shed. From 6am-10pm she was painting, decorating, and preparing. Google became her best friend. She frantically searched everything and anything she may need to know to open her own salon. It was a lot of work done swiftly. But, Amanda never half-asses anything and when she is determined- she is DETERMINED. Her nature has never failed her. LIVE SALON was born with guns ablazed.

LIVE SALON got its name from a book Amanda was writing (and well never finished and at this point, needs to be rewritten). It stemmed from the "Lipstick Effect"- how putting on lipstick makes you feel. For instance, when you put on red lipstick you then feel like a badass. When you put on pale pink, you can feel soft and feminine. Or, how much more productive do you feel when you just get up, shower, and pull yourself together? LIVE SALON wanted you to feel that same way when you walked out of our door after an appointment to get your hair done.

You just feel better getting your hair done. Whether it is because you vented and revealed all your deep, dark secrets to your stylist or you changed your look drastically, you (guaranteed) feel empowered after leaving LIVE SALON.

It is why our motto and what we "live" by is...

Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower

Why is LIVE SALON different from every other beauty salon out there? Amanda prides herself in the environment she has created within the walls of the salon. Furnished with thrift store finds and hand-me-downs, a client doesn't have to feel like she can't put her drink down or her purse up on the counter. A client doesn't have to feel uncomfortable with stark furniture and frilly decor. Empowering quotes cover almost every single bit of wall space to remind you of daily affirmations you should be telling yourself.

We definitely don't judge. None of the artists her do. We have heard and seen it all and well, probally lived it to. Amanda has never been shy to admit that she too doesn't have her shit together. A new salon owner at 27, widow at 30, and new mom of 2 at 31- yeah, she's got some shit. What LIVE SALON is good at is making you feel not-so-alone all while making you feel pretty on the outside and strong & empowered on the inside.

Listen, we are all put on this Earth one time, at least in this body & mind. Why aren't we just "real"? Here, at LIVE SALON, we are. We let out an occasional cuss word. We aren't afraid to air out our own dirty laundry or cry alongside you. We are loud with excitement. We call that being passionate. We aren't fearful of being ourselves. We are confident girl bosses empowering y'all to be the same.

This is what makes LIVE SALON successful. Our technical skills help for sure. The transformations that are created here both externally and internally for our guests is why LIVE SALON has quickly become so renowned. LIVE SALON thrives mostly on referrals from other guests. Our clients' friends, family, neighbors, and fellow coworkers can see what getting a service at LIVE SALON does for them and they too want to look and feel the same.

Each member of the LIVE SALON family has their own unique personality that just seem to mesh perfectly together- like peanut butter & jelly. Better yet, like tequila and limes. We are ONE brand, ONE family, ONE team. It is wonderful to be in a salon environment that isn't catty or competitive. We build each other up just as we empower our guests.

We may be bias and you may need to check us out for yourself. We welcome you. We can promise you will feel like you can LIVE more Beautifully, LIVE more Confidently, & be EMPOWERED and EMPOWER others.

Thank you to all of our clients. It isn't without you that LIVE SALON is what it is today. You are what drives us and empowers us to continue to grow, thrive, and succeed. You allow us to LIVE!


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