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Who WE are!

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LIVE SALON wants to be more than just your average “beauty shop”. We will do more than just hair. We will inspire our guests to live beautifully, live confidently, and to feel empowered. We will be a face in the community all while building our clients confidence to become self-loving, empowered individuals. As we lift each other up and empower each other to show up, grow and thrive, and show gratitude, we will measure our success by how we live by our motto- not by numbers. We will be the best and most renowned by being what the world needs more of- a place where each guests and employee is ensured to always feel valued as an individual with their own specific needs and desires, unique style, and respected in a professional and friendly manner.

LIVE SALON’S mission is to ensure that each guest is always valued. We strive to project confidence and empowerment to both guests and team members. We will provide a highly educated, comfortable, and empowering salon atmosphere backed by passion, expert advice, mentorship, and courtesy. LIVE SALON will allow you to feel as if you belong to something bigger.

LIVE SALON’S values are held at the highest standards. Our value will continue to be by design, not default.

LIVE SALON values respect first and foremost. We respect our guests, fellow coworkers, and our space. We have built LIVE SALON on acceptance and belonging. Everyone is welcome despite their race, beliefs, or financial situation. We pride ourselves in creating a “safe place” where confidence is projected by us, the LIVE SALON team, and given and provided to our guests. We our more than just “hairdressers”. We are dream makers. We make our guests feel good and look good. The confidence of the employees is built by a solid mentorship program and the comradery within out walls. We value motivation and ambition. It is a MUST in this industry. We all strive to be six-figure earners. We will all be there with the motivation and ambition to follow through to hitting and exceeding our goals.


Come experience LIVE SALON for yourself- as a client, employee, or friend.


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