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We Love ALL the Moms!

This May we want to celebrate ALL the moms- from fur moms, to birth moms, to bonus moms, and all the moms in between. We even want to celebrate the dads out there too who are wearing the mom hat too!

A mom is a person who is regarded as a source of nuture and support.

We all have a mom or motherly figure in our life we can thank for supporting us and molding and shaping us into the people we are today. Let us all show them some love and gratitude!

Amanda, our founder and owner, has two kiddos (three cats and two fish). Her daughter (10) and son (7) were not born from her own body. However, not being their biological mother has never once interfered with the love, nuture, and support she has given them. Every day she teaches them good life lessons and stands to be a terrific role model for them. She has given them the true meaning of family. Amanda has redefined motherhood. She is not a "mom" in the definition as most would see it. She is not just a bonus mom, but she is a mom in her own right. Her own mother was the perfect role model for her.

"My mother taught me how important it was to stand in my own beliefs and to be a powerful woman. She let me believe in myself and gain my independence and self confidence. I am a girl boss because my mother believed in me. I aspire to be even close to the mother my mom was to me as a mother to my own kids. I want to show my kids how truly amazing it is to love and be loved in return," -Amanda Bossi, Founder, Owner, & Master Stylist

Jalynn, our manager and stylist, is a new mama (and current dog mom). Her daughter just turned one this past December. Motherhood looks good on her. If you have not met Jalynn, she is driven and well... spunky. Needless to say, her daughter is becoming very similar. In fact, her daughter told her she was the shit. (Only from the mouth of babes.) Jalynn is the quintessential role model for her daughter. We cannot wait to see her daughter grow and blosson under the care and support of her mama. We know her own mom is damn proud of her.

You can be a mess and still be an amazing mother. Even when you think you do not have it all together, you can look at your child and know you have the world. I hope my daughter sees the stars in my eyes when I look at her." -Jalynn Knopsnider, Manager & Artist

Bianca, our mentor stylist, has two beautiful kids, a daughter (8) and son (3). (She is a fur mama, too!) She knows how important it is to have work life balance and to spend time with her family. She showers them in love, support, and attention. Bianca started in this career later in life but it taught her kids it is never (ever) to late to follow your dreams... and succeed in reaching your goals. It will show perserverance and determination. How amazing is it to have a role model who exudes that? Her own mama did something right! Bianca is one of the kindest and selfless people we know. We bet it came from her mama.

My mom has alway been my biggst cheerleader but will never hesitate to tell me when I am wrong. It is rare to have that connection and trust with someone. It can only truly come from someone who loves you unconditionally. I try to do the same for my kids as I love them fully and unconditionally. -Bianca Fisher, Artist

Vanessa, our education director, bridal coordinator, and stylist, is a mom of 2 boys and a bonus mom to a daughter. Vanessa knows what hard work and determination looks like and she tries her damnedest to teach all of her kids such. (Oh wait! She too is a fur mama.) Vanessa has never given up when the going gets tough and it truly is amazing to watch her kids aspire to do the same. Being a mother has healed her in ways she never knew possible. That feeling of wholeness has motivated her to strive to be the best version of herself and too pass that lesson on. Vanessa is also the "salon mom". She is always there to support each one of us... even it is to support us with snacks. (A girl has got to eat!) She has a deep desire for knowledge and for continuing to learn all that she can. That to us is a good role model. She exudes motherhood and is the epitome of a caring and nurturing person. Her mom has been there to support her throughout her rollercoaster of life and to teach her to never let a little bump in the road get in the ay of her success as a human, woman, stylist, or mom.

Without my mother, or being a mom, I would truly be lost. All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it to my mom. She taught me how to be passionate, love, and work hard. I know to always be there for those who mean the most to me. Little things mean a lot and it is the littlest moments that become the greatest memories. -Vanessa Bortz, Education Director, Bridal Coordinator, & Artist

Bella, our social media director and stylist, & Jackie, our front desk and guest coordinator, are a mother/daughter duo here at Live Salon. It has been amazing to watch them work together. We can easily see how Jackie has influenced Bella. Both are full of light and joy, resilient, and well... shop-a-holics. They both are selfless indiviuals and offer kindness an support to everyone they come across. We know how Jackie is of Bella. It is hard to miss how she looks at here with great pride. We just hope Jackie is as proud of herself as she is of Bella because she did something right with that girl. Jackie is an impeccable mother, always pushing her 4 grown kids to aspire for more. (And don't judge! But they are both the proud fur parents of NINE cats!)

Having kids and becoming a mom. teaches you everything including how much patience you have. My kids are my best friends. Honestly, I do not know how I could live withou them. They are everything. -Jackie Acito, Front Desk & Guest Coordinator
I cannot thank my mom enough for all the support she gives me. It is a wonderful life I have with her as my mother. She is one of the strongest and most beautiful women I know. I can only hope to be like her one day! -Bella Acito, Social Media Manger & Artist

Sarah, our stylist and bridal artist. has always felt inspired by her mother. She has always been loved and supported, Her mother has taught her independence, confidence, and resiliency. Sarah doe not need to be a mother of her own to know the importance of what being a mom is. She offers nuture and support to all of her yound cousins. She shows care to all of her teammate's kids. She is a role model in her own right showing love to all of them and any other child that walks through our doors. She is an inspiration with her drive and determination to live out her own dreams and aspirations while influencing that same desire to to others. We know her mama is proud of her and is one of her biggest fans!

"There will never be enough words to express my appreciation for all my mother has done for me. She loved me even when I felt unlovable. I hope I hae kids of my own one day to show them the same sort of unconditional love you have showed me. You loved me into becoming the woman I am today." -Sarah Baney, Artist

So here is to ALL THE MOMS and persons who exude motherhood in their own ways.

We celebrate you!


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