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February 2023 Newsletter

Greensburg hair salon

This is our very first newsletter! We plan on releasing a new newsletter every month to keep you, our valued guests, informed on all the hot things happening here at LIVE SALON.

So... here is what is up for February 2023!

This month is all about LOVE! Makes sense, right? February 14th is Valentine's Day! (Just your friendly reminder fellas.)

Greensburg lash salon

Be sure to check out our specials page to take advantage of some amazing deals we have to share the love with you and for you to practice self-love and self-care!

Also, to celebrate Valentine's Day, LIVE SALON will be holding an amazing event in conjunction with Haevynly Permanent Jewelry on February 16th from 5pm-9pm. Head on over to our events page for more information. We also are hosting some flash deals for the event only. It is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself or ask your significant other for their credit card to purchase your own gift!

Some other fun important dates to remember are:

February 13th- Love Yourself Day

February 18th- National Wine Day

February 19th- National Lash Day (look for out flash sales for that week)

February 25th- Vanessa's Birthday

Live casino

We want to congratulate Jalynn, Bianca, & Vanessa in their promotions received! They have worked so hard to hit not only LIVE SALON's goals for them but also their own personal goals. These promotions are well deserved.

We have a few other artists on their way to hit their goals for promotions. Be sure to help support them! Sarah is also training as a lash artist and projected to take clients by March 1st! We are so excited to see what this opportunity does for her.

Let's also talk about some changes (just little ones) we are making at LIVE SALON!

We are going to embark in some light redecorating. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you know Amanda gets bored. Be sure to walk around, check out the place, and see what changes here and there.

greensburg spray tan salon

We also will be bringing back SPRAY TANS! That's right! We are so excited. Listen, as a small business, it takes some trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn't. We also have always promised to stay transparent of what is up. With that being said, because of our decision to bring spray tans back, we will no longer be offering body waxing. In the past we have used that room as a multipurpose room, but we quickly learned that was not conducive. We also found that body waxing is just not a hot commodity with our guests. And of course, we want to be able to provide services our guests really want! We are going to take it up a notch! We will be offering spray tan upgrades including scent drops, rapid processing options, drying powder, and more. Please be patient with us for a minute while we paint the room, get supplies, and get ready to kick ass bronzing all you beautiful people. COMING SOON!

Another fun little service we are upgrading is our accent extensions, feathers, and tinsel. How we have had these things stored has been a real pain in the butt and you have not been able to see them to even know what we have! We are going to be working on the display this month to be ready to launch come March. We also may be bringing in some stock of hair for hair extensions. You may not have to wait for delivery to be made anymore and is an easy add-on!

Be sure to on the lookout for Surface blog coming soon. We have only had Surface hair products for 2 months and they have quickly become our top seller. We will explain more of why we chose Surface soon.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok.

Not only do we post transformations, but we post hilarious videos and educational posts. We love spotlighting artists and guests. This month we will also be sharing a ton of ways we practice self-love and to share the love.


Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower


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