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Live Salon Hair Makeup Lashes Bridal

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Live Salon Hair Makeup Lash Brow Bridal

LIVE SALON wants to be more than just your average "beauty shop." We will inspire our guests to live beautifully, live confidently, and live feeling empowered. We will be a face in the community, all while building our clients' confidence to become self-loving, empowered individuals. We inspire and empower every individual we cross to live authentically and in unity with the best versions of themselves. As we inspire and empower each other to show up, grow and thrive, and practice gratitude, we will measure our success by how we live by our motto- not by dollars or numbers. The growing wealth will be inevitable. We will be the best and most renowned by being what the world needs more. We will be a place where each guest and employee always feel valued as an authentic and unique individual with their own specific needs and desires, unique style, and respected in a professional and friendly manner. We are united and will always be in "it" for the greater good.

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