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Live Beautifully, Live Confidently,& Empower

LIVE SALON was opened in 2017 by Amanda Bossi with high hopes that LIVE SALON would be more than just another beauty salon in the area and that it would do more than just hair (or any other beauty service) but be a face in the community. 

LIVE SALON wants to be more than just your average "beauty shop." We will inspire our guests to live beautifully, live confidently, and live feeling empowered. We will be a face in the community, all while building our clients' confidence to become self-loving, empowered individuals. We inspire and empower every individual we cross to live authentically and in unity with the best versions of themselves. As we inspire and empower each other to show up, grow and thrive, and practice gratitude, we will measure our success by how we live by our motto- not by dollars or numbers. The growing wealth will be inevitable. We will be the best and most renowned by being what the world needs more. We will be a place where each guest and employee always feel valued as an authentic and unique individual with their own specific needs and desires, unique style, and respected in a professional and friendly manner. We are united and will always be in "it" for the greater good.

LIVE SALON has been successful for five years now. LIVE SALON'S mission is to ensure that each guest and team member is always valued. We strive to project confidence and empowerment. We will provide a highly educated, comfortable, and empowering salon atmosphere backed by passion, expert advice, mentorship, and courtesy. LIVE SALON will allow you to feel like you belong to something bigger. We allow all within our walls and all we come across to be authentic and the best versions of ourselves. Live Salon's sole mission for our employees is to allow them to grow quicker and stronger. They will live out their dreams, goals, and aspirations, be praised and redirected in a manner of mentorship by their leaders, and be provided camaraderie and teamwork in a no-competition environment. We want their career to be taken to the next level, to astound people around them, and to forever live a comfortable life by working smarter, not harder. Our sole mission to our guests is to feel a sense of unity and to make them feel beautiful and confident, internally and externally, by allowing them to feel free to be their authentic selves and to serve them, not sell them. Our culture is strong and readily noticed by everyone around us. 

LIVE SALON values Authenticity, Confidence, Passion, Unity, & Respect.

LIVE SALON values respect first and foremost. We respect our guests, fellow coworkers, and space and have built LIVE SALON on acceptance and belonging. Everyone is welcome despite their race, beliefs, or financial situation. We pride ourselves in creating a "safe place" where we, the LIVE SALON team, project confidence. We are more than just "hairdressers." We are dream makers. We make our guests feel and look good, allowing them to exude confidence. The employees' morale is built by a solid mentorship program and the camaraderie within our walls. We are a team and work as a team through serving our guests, business, and life. We value motivation and ambition. Passion for the industry, people, and self-development is of utmost importance. It is a MUST in this industry. We all strive to be six-figure earners and help grow those around us. However, we will all be present with the motivation and ambition to hit and exceed our goals for ourselves and our guests. LIVE SALON is a place to create and live out as the best version of ourselves- authentically.
LIVE SALON wants to be YOUR salon, one which you can walk into after a hardship, celebration, or just because with or without an appointment. You are our bosses, our leaders, and our inspiration. We are all one, and if we live more beautifully, confidently, and empower ourselves and others, the world will be more beautiful. 

Live Salon Hair Makeup Lashes Bridal


4000 Hempfield Plaza Blvd

Suite 920 

Greensburg, PA



Conveniently located to

Live Casino

and other entertainment ammentities



Monday 1-9

Tuesday 9-9

Wednesday 9-9

Thursday 9-9

Friday 8-7

Saturday 8-3

Sunday Closed

Live Salon Hair Makeup Lash Brow Bridal

Credit Card Required for ALL Services. 50% of Full Price Service will be charged if not cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours.

No-Show appointments will be charged 100% of service booked.



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