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Holiday Cheer (Even This Year)

Listen. This year has been well... god awful. With the pandemic, election, and social injustice shining bright in the spotlight, it hasn't been easy to navigate. The ups and downs, the anxiety, the loneliness, and the fear of the unknown is something we know all too well.

The phrase of the year is-

We're All in This Together.

That could not be more true. Each one of us has been affected in one way, shape, or form. What we must try and remember is not to judge or compare what anyone is doing or even feeling. It is all a matter of perception. What is the worst thing occurring to them may be not the worst thing that has happened to you, but it is still the worst. Right?

We are coming onto the holidays and we know it looks a little different. We are not spending it with family and friends. We cannot do many of the same traditions. It may seem like this pandemic and entire year has sucked the life out of what is supposed to be a magical time of year.

All of us here at Live Salon want to remind you to still find some good- even the tiniest little morsel of joy. Thank The Universe for it. Now more than ever we need joy. Put the Christmas tree up early. Buy yourself one too many gifts. Call your friends and family three times a day if you need to. Come in and spend some time at the salon. Find joy. Find solace. Find peace.

We like to think that when we wake up on New Year's Day that everything will be better. However, January 1st is an arbitrary date. We cannot change what is going on in the world. What we can change though is how we view the situation. Can we try and think of some good that has come out of this unprecedented time?

For us, we have come to appreciate you, our guests, even more than before. We are so incredibly grateful to of had you by our side during the shut down and upon reopening. We are proud of the way we had to quickly evolve and honestly, it paid off. Here we are still standing and even more successful than before. You were apart of that doing for us.

Remember, this holiday season can still be magic. You may just have to think of a new way to achieve it.


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