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News from Amanda

To ALL my valued guests...

Holy shit!

Who would think that I or Live Salon would be where we are now? I never imagined the growth live salon would have. I have loved every second of the journey and have loved having the privledge of doing your hair and making you feel beautiful, confident, & empowered. I know I am a successful hairstylist because of the continued patronage of my guests. What I have quickly realized is that my leadership now needs some attention to grow my team and that Live Salon can go to the next level so you continue to have exceptional customer service.

Starting January 1st, my schedule will be changing to reflect the need of support sessions with my team and leadship positions. My online booking may be shut down for awhile until this adjustment is made and running smoothly. You may continue to book with me personally or with our front desk. I also have had to make the tough decision to no longer accept new clients to assure that my current amazing guests are cared for.

I can assure you that my team is exceptional and any and all new guests will experience the same level of customer service. I will however still take referrals from my vip guests. This is not an easy decision for me to make as I am slightly addicted to working way harder than my body allows me. It is important to me to go into this next chapter of my career with grace. I know that you support me and I am beyond blessed to have had many you as my cheerleaders for almost 2 decades behind the chair.

I have signed on to be trained as a salon business coach. It is an amazing and slightly scary venture I am embarking on and the decision to do so was not made lightly. I am certain that my business will thrive even more, my guests will be better cared for, my family will actually see me, and that I can continue to empower myself and others to exceed their own expectations of themselves.

I have always been on a path to self growth and to share my knowledge and empowerment skills with my team, other salon owners, and you, my valued guests, is a dream come true.

Thank you for your love and support.

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