Goodbye 2020

Today is the last day of 2020! Let us reflect.

Despite it being “unprecedented times” with the pandemic and the shut down and all, we at Live Salon can honestly say we were still blessed this year. 2020 was more than just a collection of some pretty awful sh*t but an emotional rollercoaster for us most. We have watched fellow small businesses close around us as we continued to thrive. We watched parents juggle homeschooling and work and everything in between. Some of us here did the same. We watched loved ones come down with the dreaded covid as we remained safe and healthy. Our clients stood by us with patience and support. They gave us grace when we returned. We all have showed gratitude towards our blessings- including our clients.

We would love to say tomorrow will be different but we know January 1st is an arbitrary date. We will continue to watch businesses close and families struggle. The pandemic will not end. But what tomorrow is is a new day as will be the next day and the next day. Each day we will continue to show gratitude for each blessing, each guest, each friend end family member, and each special moment that the day brings us no matter the size of the moment.

2021 will of course bring trials but 2021 will also bring tribulations as even 2020 did. Have you sat back and thought of the good it brought you?

Here is to a new day.

From all of us here at Live Salon.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!