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We accept Cash, Check, All Major Credit Cards, & Gift Cards.

Gratuities accepted by stylist in form of Cash or Venmo.

until March 31st (as of Now), we are closed. 

Due to the order of non-life-sustaining businesses to close, we have to regretfully close our doors until march 31st (tentatively). 

Our artists will their times to accommodate any and all guests during and after this time of the corona virus pandemic. We don’t expect you to “marry us” but we understand some of you have needs and since we are a small salon and can safely operate we can meet those needs. We expect some temporary visitors but always will be open to life long friends. We support every single salon's individual decision and we all are making sacrifices in one way shape or form

We WILL continue to offering:

  • 30% off New Guests 

  • returning guests will receive a Coupon for their support

Valid 3/31-4/18

More updates may come and we will always keep you notified immediately. 

For your information & Comfort during this current Health Emergency:

At LIVE SALON, we practice top-notch sterilization & sanitation. We always have and always will! In our 3 years of business we have NEVER had a violation from the PA State Board of Cosmetology. We wash our hands on top of the 20 heads of hair each day. We also disinfect and sterilize our equipment. We also clean with high grade, anti-microbial cleaners. Again, we always have and always will. 

With wellness as one of LIVE SALON'S core values, the health and well-being of our people;customers, team members, and families is a top priority. We think the best way to help ensure that is to practice great salon & personal hygiene always- not just during this pubic health emergency. This is a great example of why beauty professionals are licensed and that salons are regulated, inspected, and have an oversight by a state level regulatory body. It's all there to ensure that the health & safety of everyone in the salon environment and the public protected. 

As long as we are practicing safety & hygiene Precautions, LIVE SALON can remain open and operating as normal. 

To Protect Yourself & Others:

Please make sure You Follow these rules not just set by LIVE SALON but the CDC.

  • When entering the salon, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and/or use the community hand sanitizer provided at the front desk. (We suggest singing "oops I did it Again" Chorus)

  • Substitute a handshake, kiss, or hug with a verbal greeting and smile.

  • If coughing or sneezing, please do so into your elbow and not your hands. If possible, please wear a mask.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, face, nose, or mouth.

We are doing our very best to accommodate all guests during this time. 

In regards to cancellations or reschedules. please reach out to us at least 48 hours in advance. This allows our artists to manage their time efficiently. 

If you plan to keep your appointment, please follow our safety protocol.

Please be courteous, smart, & Safe. You MUST reschedule or cancel if...

  • If you have felt ill or been around someone ill

  • if you have traveled during the pandemic or been around someone who has

  • If you have tested positive or been around someone who has

LIVE SALON will operate as normal with dramatic precautions until otherwise told not to. Please feel at ease in knowing we are doing above our very best in protecting our guests, stylists, and families and in managing the safety, sanitation, and well-being of you all.

thank you for your time, patience, love, & support during this chaotic time. We are all still striving to live beautifully, live confidently, and empower during the pandemic.

Always feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Never hesitate to reach out. We will be standing by our rules & regulations posted above.

Thank You & Be Safe

Amanda Bossi

Owner | Master Stylist

and all of the Artists here at